Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I was grounded. My trip to Japan did not happen, tooth trouble kept me close to home. It is now a couple of weeks later, all is well in toothland (and otherwise).

I am reveling in new found time. I made a decision to postpone my thumb surgery after my acceptance into the Smithsonian Craft Show, which occurs in April, and would have left me only a month of production time had I gone through with plans. So, I am giddy with the options in front of me, time to explore, to work up so many new ideas. Basically I have been given two months, months that I had set aside to recover. My next 'gig' is Tucson, early February. Until then I am in the studio!

I have been feeling so connected to my world and grateful for the many wonderful people, places and things that are in it. Maybe that is a luxury that people that work in a deliberate way consider. Instead of my usual 'which fire do I stomp out first' response that I am usually caught up in, I can take some time to evaluate. Ahh, the gift of time, and the luxury of choice.

Pictures as promised, Amsterdam mostly, Rembrandt's home, watched a transaction go down in the Red Light district, chilly birds on bicycles, David Bowie in a gallery, boat photo taken in the sweetest thatched village in Sletten, Denmark. Such a wonderful trip, I am still savoring the experience.

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