Friday, March 25, 2011

A few changes....

As I sit and wonder and work and create my thoughts are overshadowed by life's complications. My husband, Michael, has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, if you think about it, the esophagus is the column, channel, tube that gives us all sustenance.

Wednesday, March 30 he will undergo an esophagectomy. This is a big deal, he will be in the hospital for 10-14 days. Up until Monday of this week we were operating on the plan to include 6 weeks of radiation and chemo followed by surgery. The doctor called to give us the best news possible, the cancer is thought to be well localized and he thought he could eradicate the cancer through surgery. If any of you are scheduled for a test, scan or other health evaluation, please go do it, it is only through his periodic screening that this was detected.

These are scary, uncertain times. As we prepare for this surgery, I am also preparing for Beadfest Wire where I will teach 5 classes and then I will move onto D.C to participate in the Smithsonian. Conclusion being we don't need to suffer bankruptcy along with the other stresses. I will be here for the first 5 days after surgery and then our eldest daughter, Olive, will take over.

As of Wednesday of next week I am going to shut down my Big Cartel shopping cart on my website. This will be until Mid May where I hope to reopen a new and improved version. If you need any sequins, etc. now would be the time to order.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

winter to spring.

A collection of images.

Seasons shifting now,
new promises unfolding,
don't always have choice.

Haiku for the day.

Friday, March 18, 2011

So I had to go and tweak the inner workings of this 'Blogger' thing, change to 'new editor' from 'old editor'. I have wasted ENTIRELY too much time here today, I'll add the promised photos later.


By life's curve balls.
Blogger isn't helping. I am proceeding as if the images will finally find the text.
Pictures include.... a picture of the wonderful and often photographed Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, an incredible sight and experience and reminder of all that has been lost in Japan.

Spring is starting here in central Massachusetts, each day the melting snow reveals more and it is not just mud, yesterdays traversing between the studio and house sparkled with dropped sequins, long covered in snow as 65 degrees comforted my body and soul.

Beadfest Wire is coming right up! I will be teaching several classes, the always fun 'Color & Patina on Metals with Metal Joining Techniques' with Anne Mitchell and two Foldforming classes, as well as a slide class in the new Fastfire Bronzeclay! Sign ups are strong but a few spaces remain. I would love to see you there. Pictures above represent the classes I will teach. You have choices~ earrings out of sterling, a copper brooch, a bronze clay slide as well as a fun time playing with vintage findings and color.

From Philadelphia I travel on to Washington D.C. to set up for The Smithsonian Craft Show, I am furiously adding to my body of work.

My wishes are for love to abound, the people of the earth to live in peace and for everyone, everywhere to foster and share a spirit of generosity in the face of the many challenges that confront us.