Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day.....

There is at least a foot out there of new snow with lots more coming down and the beginning of a big wind, who knows where it will end up?

Lots has happened since I last updated my blog, the culmination of which was an exceptionally heartwarming 'Celebration of Life' honoring my dad last Sunday. This was uplifting and enlightening, offering closure for some, an opening for others. May we all touch as many lives as my dad did and in as positive a fashion. He had more lives than a cat, finally used them up. We will miss him.

After my decision to postpone my second hand surgery, an opportunity to go and exhibit at the Baltimore Bead Society's annual show came along and I in this snowstorm I am regrouping, repacking and repurposing lots of inventory. Components, finished work and piles of bagged beads that I no longer have a use for are headed to the DC area tomorrow morning, weather permitting. Please come by and say hi, I look forward to seeing you.

Next up is my annual pilgrimmage to Tucson, I will be in the ballroom at the Whole Bead Show. I hear it is a lovely 70 degrees today. I look forward to the desert sounds, smells and people connecting from all over the world. In conclusion after all of these years, however, one must wash their hands frequently as I believe the infiltration of foreign germs passed along through money exposes us to 'bugs' we haven't yet developed immunities for. Every year people are 'struck down'.

After Tuscon there is an upcoming workshop in Bristol, RI. I'll be teaching a FastFire BronzeClay workshop, focusing on two sided slides, riveting and moldmaking as well as coloring metals, both what we will make in class and some new and vintage brass findings that I will be bringing along. The Bead House is where I will be. Go, have a look. This shop is delightful as are the owners, Kim and Jeff!

I guess my time is up for putsying around in my studio, it's time to 'get back out there' and see what you all are up to. This past month and a half has opened new doors, expanded ideas and got me into a moldmaking a student, yes! This 'found time' has been excellent, I am renewed.