Monday, July 11, 2011

A trip to the MFA in Boston yesterday yielded a beautiful connection with my dear friends and a great trip through the Chihuly exhibit. I was so impressed with the curatorial interpretation. All of that reflection put to such good use.

ah, so, life continues at a pace where I am just jumping from one faction of my life to the next, barely uncovering the surface before I need to skip to the next fire.

Largest and most demanding 'fire' at this moment is the idea generation and then the practical considerations surrounding class proposals for next year. how do I create a class that will inspire, teach many techniques and not call for a tractor trailer load of props, tools and materials?

Next in line 'fire' is preparing for Sunapee, that 9 day show that always comes along the beginning of August and takes me into the middle of the month. Once it is set up I enjoy myself, just manning the shop on a daily basis but it is such a chunk of time and takes so much energy!

The graphite paint for electroforming is SUCH a leap in generating a flawless surface. My results are pleasing me. Add some enamel and ooh lal la!

I still am considering insect forms as voids to be filled with ?. Containers, lockets, reliquaries.

Michael needed to capture another swarm, the bees proliferation calls for finding a new home, so off they go. We were lucky that they settled so low in the tree, made capture relatively easy. Still more activity than Michael had wanted at that point but it was a successful capture, a new hive has begun.

My web shop is still not up and running. I apologize. As it stands I won't get to it till mid August.

The fires are burning hot, off I go.