Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Summer Barrels On....

Happy Birthday to my brother David!!!

The different holidays and days of note mark time, doesn't it move on entirely too quickly?

I am barely keeping up, overlooking important commitments and generally screwing things up........I am in need of a break from my life, don't know when that opportunity will arrive so I guess I'll squeeze in an hour here and an hour there in order to generate what my grandfather used to call ' a fresh eye', sort of like a power nap or a ten minute meditation.

I leave this coming Wednesday for a trip to Puget Sound and the Bead Festival.I will spend my 53rd birthday out there with friends, if you are out in the area come on down to Tacoma to the bead show! I always love the lushness of the pacific northwest.

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Unknown said...

Happy early birthday! I won't be there to ring it in with you, but I'll think of you fondly. :)