Saturday, July 19, 2008


The dressing up of Tacoma is a wonderful thing!

I love that a city has gotten behind one of its treasured jewels and built a museum to celebrate glass. The hotel that we stayed in, The Murano, has taken a glass artist on each floor and purchased a piece, presenting it upon exiting the elevator, and runs photo essays up and down the halls of each artists process. What a cool thing!

The view from our room was exquisite. Mt. Rainier and all of Tacoma in full view. Great to see all of my friends and customers and students....and the farmers market.....nowhere in the world could I find such opulent bouquets and succulent berries!

I often think of the indigenous people that inhabited the pacific northwest and the fact that food and shelter was so bountiful they had time and materials to express themselves artistically. I had wanted to visit the art Museum in Seattle but was foiled due to the 'Monday Museum Rule'. I have been there in the past and was overwhelmed by the scale of the native gallery, full sized totem poles, such cool masks and tools.

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