Tuesday, August 12, 2008

home again.....

Each year the big show in Sunapee shifts my gears from wearing the hat of maker, marketer, mother and everything else that is called for in this life to that of a 9 day shop keeper. It is kind of fun. At that point all of the work is done and you just have to show up to man your 'shop', visit with people and show and sell your work. I do enjoy that part. I want to extend my thanks for all of the fairgoers' support, my lovely neighbors at the show and to the weather gods that kept us coolish. There was no 90 degree high humidity in sight, plenty of moisture but I thought that that was pretty well planned. Sporadic thunder and rain storms, but brief with the exception of a washout Wednesday . So....home again, putting the League show to bed, looking towards Beadfest in Philadelphia. Can you come?

I will be offering three classes, all on Thursday the 21st of August. These pictures represent the projects we will be working on. After the day of classes I will set up a booth and sell my wares, come on by.

After Beadfest I will come home just in time to get my youngest daughter Lily ready to go off to school and my eldest ready for her first college classes, a sort of peri~empty nest! Time marches on.

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