Friday, June 29, 2012

Almost over without a single post.

June, almost over.

With it came a whirlwind of experiences and adventures. We ushered the month in with preparation and execution of the Bead and Button Show: The yearly gathering of all people and things beady~ I needed to leave prematurely in order to get back to Massachusetts (and then up to Vermont) to attend Lily's graduation from What a fabulous day, punctuated by mixed feelings from all. A bittersweet celebration, the closing of 4 years as a giant family and all of the support, drama, inspiration and encouragement that goes with that. These young people filled with hope and promise and a gift. The gift so big: an invitation to go forth, stir it up, don't accept what is pre packaged and delivered as truth, ask questions, think hard and act hugely. Yes, mom has been living vicariously through Lily's incredible experience, I, too, am sad for it to be over but so pleased that this has been in Lily's foundation.

In order for me to be able to be in Vermont some hoops needed to be jumped through, i.e., what about my booth...and inventory and sales help... Amanda Schleede from  The Fineline  ( there in so many capacities. Deb Bednarek was there as sales help extraordinaire for a good portion of Saturday and all day Sunday~ Couldn't have done it without you, ladies, thank you, thank you, thank you!

More crazy barn yard stories: I had just gotten home from a wedding in Pennsylvania, was on the stoop in my doorway to the studio and I looked over to see the garder snake coiled up that I often see around the entryway into my studio. I am often startled by him, I don't like the 'startle' part but I have nothing against snakes, so I took a deep breath and settled in to clean my pods. I did notice that he didn't use his tongue at all which I thought was unusual but we sat together for 1/2 hour or so. When I got up to go inside, he slithered off to somewhere. Two days later I saw him again, I thought to myself, ' looks like a totally different color, do they change like chameleons and I never knew this?' An hour passed, he didn't move a muscle, he was dead. No cuts, contusions, apparent injuries???

Next day some opportunist came along and grabbed our sweet remaining older chicken, left only a pile of feathers.

Life on the 'Farmette' is never dull.

My life and contributions towards hybridizing have come in the form of putting 'Bee clothes on Scarab', an exercise that entertains, picture above.

Time until mid July is in the studio, I then will go off to teach a couple of classes at The Fineline ( ....somehow Blogger has made the linking 'not' easy~ I look forward to my time in Illinois, at the Fineline and time with Amanda!

And then....The 9 day Sunapee Craft Show is upon us, going from Aug 4-12.

And that brings us up to date.

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MulticoloredPieces said...

Lovely photos. That hen is a beauty! And congrats for Lily's graduation.
best, nadia