Sunday, December 2, 2012

In my time?

So, I was ready with a constrained hairdo, half way ready to lose the use of my left hand come the end of last Wednesday only to learn that my surgery (A thumb joint replacement) was cancelled for Thursday morning due to the hospital not requisitioning the insurance company in it stands, IF the insurance company decides to play, next Thursday will be the day. I am upset that this postponement eats into my healing time. I am booked solid from mid January into mid February. If the surgery can't happen this coming Thursday I will need to reschedule it for next November.

Now, in my egocentric way my questions go like this, "don't they understand how difficult it is to schedule and follow through with a surgery that renders you disabled for a chunk of time when you are full speed ahead trying to 'bake bread for the whole family'?"

In the end, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, I am still in this stalled reality....trying to be sane.

I just added 20 new jewelry pieces to my webshop
I just washed the braids out of my hair~
I've dusted the living room and bedroom and now just have wishes for time to pass, plans to be revived and meaningful distractions to catapult me into the next phase.

Soon my "Shows and Workshop' schedule will be posted and the next phase will lay bare the hectic reality of my life.

I hope that yours is not quite so dire, that you are able to pass time more gracefully with less 'ME' in it than this post~ and that all of your scurrying around allows time for you to just BE, agendaless~ floating with family and friends!

The lady that braided this hair is SERIOUS. It is Sunday, I had this done on Wednesday just in hopes of not having to manage hair one handed for a few days. Maybe I'll schedule another session, not that I love the look but I do love not having it all tangled up!

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Hannah said...

I think it looks adorable, Gail. So sorry about your hand.