Friday, May 9, 2008

Ah, Manhattan...

My knuckles white, my mind full speed ahead....a round trip into and out of the heart of the city in a 12 hour run. My missions were accomplished,(which were to procure some cool new stuff for sale) but man, oh man.....the stress. While traversing the many blocks necessary to complete my task I was taken by the many smokers observed which led me to ponder the stresses of city life. On the way home I listened to a therapist based in the city discussing just this topic. His take was to evaluate your stress level in comparison to 5 years ago, if it was the same or higher, his advice was to just say "no" to any unnecessary commitments and spend more time with family and friends. Sounds sound to me.

Now I can get down to production, I look forward to turning my torch on!

Here's a plea. My husband has a Toyota Tacoma truck. Toyota has recalled all Tacomas from 1995-2000. We need to find a replacement. He's looking for another small 4 cylinder, extended cab truck, either Nissan or Toyota, any leads???

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