Saturday, October 11, 2008

Art and Animals and Education....

Yesterday was a heartening look at a positive and holistic approach to education. The Putney School, its director and all of the educators and support staff are doing a remarkable job of indoctrinating the schools worth of 9th-12th grade students into a thoughtful and progressive approach to 21st century life. I love the context and format of the school. Our daughter is thriving....pretty much finished with her need for parents, which I have to adjust to...but my day at the school was lovely, the surroundings beautiful, the reports totally favorable. It is a weekend of family activities. Today I will travel to Cape Cod to visit with my brother and his wife and my father and tomorrow back up to Putney to spend the day and bring Lily home for a few days.

I love this quote, it is in the art gallery which has a faculty exhibit up presently. Art abounds on the Putney campus, 10 ft. iron centipedes climbing trees!

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