Friday, October 24, 2008

Natures Bounty....

As I was driving down the road, looking at both thumbs in splints (as it appears I have come down with a case of arthritis) I realized my ever present option of choosing the proverbial 'glass half full or empty'. This choice is always out there for me. I started to laugh as I thought about my 'brokenness' vs. the other peoples 'brokenness' that were in the 'Extremity Clinic'. There was a young man that had the middle finger of his left hand bandaged up to be 3 " longer than his other fingers....I am sure that he has been relentlessly teased...and then the man that had his left arm in a sling and needed to retrieve something out of his left rear pocket as he totally twisted his right arm around his body to get whatever he needed out.

I am hopeful that with vigilance I will be able to build the muscles up around the joint in order to support the problem, it is not easy when your most important tools go 'on the blink'.....and aging becomes more evident. I need to readjust and proceed, what else am I to do?

Early this morning as I was having my coffee a pack of coyotes started their howl. It sounded like there were 20 of them. There is something so haunting about their call, so predatorily gleeful. Like some circus gone mad, sure wish I understood coyotese.

These vegetables came out of one our last CSA boxes from the Farm School, hail to the farmers! What is this most beautiful and intriguing broccoli/cauliflower/floret? Anybody know?

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L~ said...

Hi Gail- sorry to hear about your hands. I hope you find relief soon. Maybe going to see Sari the homeopath?

I think the cauliflower is the romanesco variety. It reminds me of one of your creations.

Hope to see you guys at the Lantern Walk if you're around. Give M my best.