Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little bug got ahold of me....

If this is the worst bug I've taken on that would be alright. This cold creep has sucked all of my energy, that's about all I can say!

I wasn't very much 'in the know' regarding my children's school schedule~ they are off all of this next week. My friend Lisa Ventre has offered for us to come and stay for a bit in Provincetown, I always love it this hauntingly quiet time of year. It will be great to see her, she has just purchased a home. She makes the best hats!

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Unknown said...

Gail that same bug got a hold of my husband Tom.....
remember us? We were your seatmates on the plane. Yeah he has been dying on the couch for a few days now. I have been surviving on vitamns and herbal remedies. I can't get sick..I have to take my Dad back to the hospital for more proceedures! Yugh! But I CANNOT carry any germs on me because all the patients there are in such compromised and fragile condition.
Yes I have off this week also from school...good thing with all my new emt responsibilities.
Haven't unpacked my new goodies from the show...that will be a treat.
Was great meeting you the other day! Do you know
we almost missed our plane? We just forgot the time! They would have been boarding but the crew was delayed! What a run for it!
Anyway feel better. Kathleen