Friday, February 15, 2008

Home again....

In searching for a suitable image to distill my trip I came across this most incredible website!

My trip was fabulous, the show was good. People were exhibiting restraint and I think that this conservative spending trend will remain with us for awhile. It calls on our adaptive capabilities and a readjustment of our expectations.

Seeing my friends and having the luxury of some extra time in Tucson was exceptional. Kate and I had some fun altering some of her lovely PMC work with the addition of felt and bead embellishment~ a piece can be seen on her site's journal, take a look!

I am home, really no holdups in travel. We celebrated my daughters 17th birthday yesterday, my sweet valentine.

I am excited to get back to work but today I am going to take an ice skating field trip with my younger daughter's class!!!

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